Policies & Procedures

Stay Informed

We work hard to keep you informed about what is happening at the studio. Please make sure to check your email for SSSDPA Parent/student newsletter written by Ms. Heather.

If you have any questions based on the information given out, you can email us at sandyspringsdpa@gmail.com or contact us at 770.722.1513.

Events, news, information and more are updated on our website.
SSSDPA also has a Facebook Page – Please do not post questions on Facebook. Email us them at sandyspringsdpa@gmail.com.


We would love to have you!

Pick-up & Drop-off

All dancers must be signed in prior to class and signed out after class by a parent or carpool driver. Dancers may not arrive early without supervisors. Students are not allowed in
the studios at any time unless it is for class or scheduled rehearsal.

Again the sign-in/sign-out policy applies.


If a student is injured, he/she must watch class until cleared in writing by a physician. We do this to make sure that the injuries have had time to heal.

Tuition & Registration

Tuition is due on the 1st of every month. After the 5th, there will be a late fee of $25 and then after the 10th, a late fee of $50.

Dance is not a pop-in and drop-out activity. The season runs from August to May. Should you feel the need to withdraw your student from class, you must give a 30 day notice and pay for an additional 30 days.

There will be no discounts for missed classes due to illness, holidays, or inclement weather.

Registration must be done in person. Children will not be allowed to bring registration forms and checks the class. Payments must be made by parent in person or dropped in the
SSSDPA drop box.

All class schedules are subject to change based on enrollment. Each class must be a minimum of 6 dancers per class.

Classroom Procedures

Please do not bring children early, we will not be responsible for them. Students are not allowed in the dance studio without a teacher. Please make sure all little ones go to the bathroom prior to class. Older students that take two hours back-to-back will be given a break. Also NO hanging on the barre, running or touching the mirrors are allowed.

Absolutely no food, drinks, or cellphones are allowed in the studio at any time.

Uniform & Hair

All students must be in proper attire. If your child is in SSUMC Aspire, you must pack the proper attire and shoes.

Hair will always be worn in a tight bun or pulled back ponytail for all other classes. Any student that does not come to class in uniform will not be able to participate.


Dress code is to be used for all classes and rehearsals. No T-shirts, sweatshirts, or sweatpants are allowed. For more information on the dress code, click here.

Dress code is to be used for all classes and rehearsals.
No T-shirts, sweatshirts, or sweatpants are allowed.

3 & 4 Year Olds Pink leotard w/pink tights
Non-Company Classes Any color leotard w/pink tights
Jazz shoes or Ballet shoes depending on class
Exception: Hip-Hop and Musical Theatre
Junior Company I Lavender leotard w/pink tights
Pink ballet shoes
Slip-on Jazz shoes
Junior Company II Powder blue leotard w/pink tights
Pink Ballet shoes
Slip-on Jazz shoes
Pre-Apprentice Navy blue leotard w/pink tights
Optional: Navy skirts and black jazz pants
Apprentice & Senior Company Black Leotard w/pink tights
Ballet shoes
Jazz shoes
Bare feet
Optional: Black skirt and black jazz pants