Our Studio

Policies and Procedures

We work hard to keep you informed about what is happening at the studio. Please make sure to check your email for SSSDPA Parent/Student newsletter written by Ms. Heather.

Events, news, information and more are updated on our Web site. SSSDPA also has a Facebook page but please do not post questions on Facebook. Email your questions.

Dance Season

Dance is not a pop-in and drop-out activity. The season runs from August to May. Should you feel the need to withdraw your student from class, you must give a 30-day notice and pay for an additional 30 days. There will be no discounts for missed classes due to illness, holidays, or inclement weather.

Company Auditions

Company Auditions are held year-round by appointment. We would love to have you!

Pick-up and Drop-off

All dancers must be signed-in prior to class and signed-out after class by a parent or carpool driver. Dancers may not arrive early without supervisors. Students are not permitted in the studio at any time unless it is for class or scheduled rehearsal. Again the sign-in/sign-out policy applies.

Classroom Procedures

Students are not permitted in the dance studio without a teacher. Please make sure all little ones go to the bathroom prior to class. Older students that take two hours back-to-back will be given a break. Please, no hanging on the barre, running or touching the mirrors. Absolutely no food, drinks, or cell phones are permitted in the studio at any time.


If a student is injured, he or she must observe the class until cleared in writing by a physician. We do this to make sure that the injuries have had time to heal.

Tuition & Registration

How do I Register for Classes?

If you are a new student, please register through our Online Registration page.

How do I Pay for my Class?

Payment is due on or before the first class of the month and bills automatically via the credit card entered into our secure online customer portal. Your payment method can be updated at any time by logging into the Parent Portal.

If necessary, payment can be made in person at the studio by check. All checks must be made out to Kemp Performing Arts, LLC and given only to the Director of the Sandy Springs School of Dance and Performing Arts.

Payment Schedule

Each month, your tuition payment is one (1) of ten (10) payments that covers tuition for the entire school year of 38 weeks of classes held over 10 months, August-May.

You are not paying for scheduled school vacations and Holidays. Tuition is due on the first day of classes in August and on the first of each calendar month for all other months. New students joining after August will have their class charges pro-rated from the time they join.

Early Termination

Like most studios and schools, our class instruction is designed the help students progress to a certain level during a full school season. We understand that some circumstances may require your child to leave us before the current class season ends. If this is the case, parents will be responsible for a 30-day termination fee in addition to the final month’s tuition.  We encourage students to try a class, free of charge. However, after registering with us, we discourage dropping in and out as all the other students are progressing forward and this would put your child at a developmental disadvantage.

What People are Saying

“Ms. Heather is truly wonderful. My daughter, Cassie, started ballet for the first time last fall at age 8. She loves it and her teacher. Ms. Heather is always willing to work with any student who wants extra help. I’ve never seen my daughter happier than when she is on that dance floor!”

Carey Armstrong Boston

“We love it! Ms. Heather is GREAT with our little ones!! The girls look forward to Blooming Ballerinas every Monday!!! Thank you for all you do Ms. Heather!”

Beth McLean Sellers

“Awesome! Ms. Heather is fantastic and the children love her. She is a wonderful teacher whose heart is truly in her work.”

Susan Wells Robinson